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Mobiado mCUBE can be the most expensive charging station for iPhone

The canadian company Mobiado, specializing in luxury phones, has released a unique charging station for Apple’s smartphone. The accessory has received the name of mCUBE and made in the form of a small glass cube.

The design of the charging station, patented by the manufacturer, is designed so that when charging the iPhone “hovered” in the air. For this purpose, it is provided in the center of the insert. Or rather, from the case of Cuba stands the Lightning connector for connecting gadgets.

In the description mCUBE stated that the station can be used with any Apple smartphones, including a 5.5-inch iPhone 6s Plus. Although the Canadians call their unique solution, they don’t say that in this position the connector of the mobile device has most of the weight of the apparatus. This is hardly a positive impact on the design over time. And if you remember that Apple’s flagship models weigh about 190 g, then the question arises, what was the designer thinking?

Designer charging station is available in three versions – black, Black Satin, Silver and gold Guilloche, so you can choose the colour of the accessory for smartphone and interior in the room.

Mobiado mCUBE is one of the most expensive chargers for iPhone on the market. Depending on the version of the original docking station will cost $680.

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