Missing MacBook Air brightness? Install Windows on it!

Missing MacBook Air brightness? Install Windows on it!

It turns out that there is a loophole that allows you to increase the brightness of the new MacBook Air: you need to install Windows on your laptop! This was told by experts of the publication Notebookcheck, who published testing of the new model.

But how so?

On the Apple website it is indicated that the maximum brightness of the MacBook Air is 400 nits, and on macOS there really are such indicators – 400-415 nits at the peak. But if you install Windows (you can install the system in parallel through Boot Camp), then the brightness indicator will be 540-550 nits at the peak, which is 30% higher than the declared Apple indicator.


Compare the new Apple MacBook Pro 13 and MacBook Air

Missing MacBook Air brightness? Install Windows on it!

Alexander Pobyvanets

May 7, 2020

Yes, on Windows colors are displayed a little differently, but take a little time to calibrate – and you will not notice any difference.

Why is Apple underestimating the brightness of the MacBook Air?

There are several reasons:

Keeping the distance between Air and Pro. It's no secret that the maximum brightness of the MacBook Pro 13 display is 500 nits, which means that Apple can specifically lower the brightness in the MacBook Air to separate laptops from each other – still the price difference is decent, if we talk about the basic version;
Color accuracy As said at the very beginning, at maximum brightness in Windows, the color rendition is slightly different. Perhaps they lowered it just because of this, so that the user sees the most correct picture;
Different matrices. Another logical explanation is different matrices. It may depend on the party or manufacturer of the displays: some may be brighter, some are limited to the same 400 nits – hence the limitation so that there are no disturbances.

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Apple did not comment on the situation. But if he comments, it seems to me that he will choose one of the above options.

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