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Misfit has released a fitness tracker Flash Link cost 20 dollars

Manufacturer of sports accessories Misfit has released a fitness tracker called the Misfit Flash Link. The cost of the gadget, created on the basis of the popular Shine activity monitor, does not exceed $ 20.

The novelty differs from the previous model materials instead of aluminum for its manufacturing plastic. The gadget is made in the form of clips, not the bracelet. Misfit Flash Link easier, but the Shine is protected from water.

It would seem that you may want from such a cheap solution? But the manufacturer believes that the potential of the gadget exhausted and released a mobile app Link. It extends the capabilities of Flash trackers Link and Flash. Thanks, and the new firmware, these solutions can be used as a kind of buttons to control mobile devices. The program allows you to match trackers with smartphones and tablets, speaker systems, televisions, appliances, smart lamps and so on.

Soon in the app plan to add integration with automation service “Internet” IFTTT and Logitech Harmony. IPhone owners can already download the application for free Misfit Link from the App store, whereas the version for Android is planned for next month.

Fitness trackers Misfit Flash, a Flash Link and Misfit available for purchase on the manufacturer’s website.

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