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Mirmir: multitasking in the style of “picture in picture” for the iPhone and iPad [video]

Team Cortex Dev Team 2015 has introduced a new tweak Mirmir, implements for iPhone and iPad multi-tasking capability. A promising development is available for owners of jailbroken devices.

In accordance with the concept of programmers, gadgets with Apple on the case can display multiple applications. As desired, the user can display in the Windows of additional tasks. This can be, for example, YouTube, Safari, Instagram, Calculator, Weather, etc. Can be read Twitter and simultaneously view the event on your calendar, surf the Internet and play Sudoku.

The idea Mirmir based on the concept of “picture in picture”. The user can convert any open full-screen app in windowed mode. You need to run your finger down the screen from the upper left corner. The thus obtained reduced version of the application can be scaled and moved around the screen the screen on your own – move up and down or remove from the screen. Note that the running application will work, for example, when watching YouTube videos will not stop, you will hear the sound and be able to work with music.

Clicking buttons on the screen can be translated “window” app from portrait to landscape mode, so you can easily position it on your screen.

If the display output several Windows, you can at any time switch from one to another and receive an instant response. The developers say about the possibility of simultaneous operation with four applications in the mode of “picture in picture”.

To evaluate the concept of multi window mode for iOS 8 on the demo video from iTwe4kz independently or by installing a Cydia tweak Mirmir. The development will cost $3,99.

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