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Mira Prism – augmented reality glasses for iPhone cost $100

California startup Mira introduced augmented reality glasses for iPhone $ 100. According to the developers, a device called the Prism must be light, minimalist and cheap.

Points for turning the iPhone into the gadget to work with holographic objects made of plastic and weigh about a pound and a half. The smartphone is placed in a special slot and the image projected onto his glasses, creating an additional layer of virtual reality.

According to the head of Mira Ben taffeta, a Prism allows to obtain a holographic image of very high quality. Unfortunately, the headset is not universal: for every model of the iPhone should have its own strictly verified structure of the helmet.

“We are increasingly addicted to virtual and augmented reality, mixing real and virtual world. We decided to conduct an experiment, but the only way to do that is give devices that cost thousands of dollars. We can’t afford, so we decided to start a startup, Mira,” he told Taft.

Prism glasses are equipped with a controller that reacts to movement and turns, and a special cardboard box with labels on which you can project three-dimensional image.

Right now Mira Prism can be used to view photos, videos, view the publications on social networks and simple games. The company is working on a set of tools for developers that will ensure the emergence of a growing number of games and applications for Prism.

As you know, Apple will add support for augmented reality in iOS 11, but Mira Prism has little in common with ARKit. The image is projected onto special lenses before the eyes of the user, while ARKit allows developers to create applications that display on the screen of the smartphone and the tablet embedded in the world around us.

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The start of sales of Mira Prism is scheduled for autumn this year.

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