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Miniature device allows you to control the quality of air with your iPhone [video]

A startup from Silicon valley has developed an air analyzer for iPhone. Novelty called Sprimo allows you to control the air quality at home and on the street.

A device the size of a USB flash drive connected to the Lightning connector on your iPhone and begins to analyze the air around. All parameters are reflected on the screen of the mobile device in the form of numbers and color indications. Low rates and green color indicate good quality of the ambient air, yellow and red on its deterioration.

Sprimo does not need power from the battery. The gadget can simply plug in to your smartphone, which then starts an application that displays air quality, as well as temperature and humidity. Analysis of air quality based on the presence of volatile organic compounds. The creators of the product said that Sprimo not only help to determine the quality of air at home and on the street, but also to share collected information with other people.

According to the developers of the analyzer, this project was created after reading the horrific statistics. It is alleged that more than 2 million people a year die from poor air quality. Also a bad atmosphere causes heart attacks and strokes. Therefore, scientists believe that their development is so important.

Fundraising for Sprimo held on the site Kickstarter. The product will go on sale in July this year for about $40.

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