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Mini DayZ – pixel survival simulator

No matter what they say (e.g. in the comments to this review), but DayZ was a great game, which gave almost unprecedented experience: the fear of losing all earned. Then the crowd of cheaters and specific demeanor admins ruined the game, but in the story she left. Well and gave life to, for example, Mini DayZ – pixel. and now a mobile app.

In the first place – no, not here online. I’m sure there’s deeper reasons (the game would have turned into a murderous shooter), so we all just cost to make: get a bullet from another player will not work. But this does not mean that the Mini DayZ no problem – there are more than enough.

Like the original, you appear on the seafront of apparently Eastern European country (although this coloration is highly retouched). You have a strip of life, hunger, thirst, and temperature is unknown, where the main character thermometer, but okay. Even in the presence of a card, from which it follows that somewhere nearby, a couple of villages, small town and very small plant. The global map tells us that we are only one of several Islands – if you find and fix a boat, you can happily float away. However, back to the point of no return released – swam away, then swam away.

Actually, this data input end. What will happen next – nobody knows, including the developers: the map is generated procedurally, every time a new. Instinct tells us to seek food and water: in the end, it’s basic needs. In the villages you can really find the stew, column, fruit, and, for example, carbonated drink “Spite”. However, do not hurry to rejoice – to pack all the goodness you need a lot of space. Unlike any RPG where the robes of the main character fits 18 axes and a dozen billboards here in a pair of jeans you like, well, a stack of paper and pepper. The top was a jar of “spite”. That’s about it.

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Therefore, in Mini DayZ normal life starts only after you will find a backpack, a raincoat, a warm hat and some sledgehammer. The latter is particularly useful in terms of victorious power.

As you know, in cities you can come across not only the supplies but also the zombies, zombie wolves, zombie military and who was not. Ordinary people, managed by artificial intelligence, too – and they are all dangerous. Because you never know what to expect from the man: he may be a friend and an enemy. In this Mini DayZ is strikingly similar to the original, where zombies were just decoration, but the real danger came from you and me – ordinary players. However, there zombies not extras: they are fast, very painfully beat and like to let bleeding that will not cure until you find a bandage.

Battle in Mini DayZ is simple, but it’s even better – a large group of especially shooter not build. You hold the fire button, the hero drains the clip into the nearest enemy. If you fight in melee, it all happens automatically.

Of course, the game has a million possibilities. For example, you can craft, to make fire, build tents, and almost the entire training camp. This game, like the original, full of surprises, why not say, looking at the pixel image. But don’t be deceived – Mini DayZ though “mini”, but its quite a big game. Which, incidentally, is free and is very true! – no microtransactions. The only option for the monetization in the game – to watch the ads for a parachute with supplies. Anywhere would do so.

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