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Mimme – transform boring photos into cool video

In life there is always a place of spontaneity, and sometimes silliness. To show someone language, to burst the bulb or you can scorch the face of a child. It’s like a barometer of childishness.

Mimme is the app in the “for fun”, have fun with friends. Make someone’s day, to give a couple of smiles friends. Even if they are not around. For this we need to choose the photo to be funny and add to the app. Mimme will get them in different scenes and make fun videos.

The feature of the app that faces are inserted in image not cartoon characters and images of real people. This realistic animation and does the job. Now there are five videos: Dancing, Street, TV, Sports, magic Tricks.

A photo can be done using the camera or select photo from gallery. But the really convenient thing is selecting photos from “Vkontakte”. Add photo of friends from there.

Video is added from one to three photos. Next, a simple cropping of the face. And get the video:

Each video characters live for 5-6 scenes, it turns fast. Besides fun, there’s cool animation. For example, shaking the right hand, and left inflated. Or how to get three “NO” on the casting? Response to photos.

Save and share with friends

Video can be stored on your phone, share with friends on social networks or send by mail. The app allows you to take screenshots of scenes from the video. In addition to the video, the memory remains photography.

For responsible parents

You never know what this cute little fidgets will be interesting. My mother’s lipstick, another stick in the yard or throw a tantrum in the supermarket.

Responsible parents keep Mimme at hand. On the road, in the queue to the doctor or to take the child in the evening –the app helps to pass the time: have fun, pokoriti funny faces. The video will remain in the family archive.

The developer has made available an app for iPhone & iPad. To use needs iOS version 7.0 and above.

The app can be downloaded at this link.

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