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Milonov saw a threat to national security in a gay emoticons for iPhone

This week the Moscow city court recognized lawful refusal in the claim to the Muscovite, who was trying to recover from Apple 985 000 rubles for the use of emoticons depicting gay families. The Deputy of legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Vitaly Milonov said the radio station “Moscow speaking” that it’s a question not of justice, and the moral security and urged the court to reconsider the decision.

Emoji two men and two women with a child in his iPhone found the son of the plaintiff. He thought that in this way the boy suffered non-pecuniary damage. In addition to monetary compensation, Muscovite requested to prohibit the dissemination in Russia of the iOS version with such slikami. In his view, the icons depicting same-sex families are propaganda of nontraditional relations among minors.

“Moscow judge too well live, and we have been using these emoticons, apparently, do not see anything wrong. As I say, there is a question of moral security, which the judge certainly can’t carry. Since we scraped the legislation, neutered. The judge has no moral right to speak, it is safe for the child or not, because he realizes this is very, very bad,” said Milonov.

He believes that such disputes should be done by government authorities.

“In any line of law there is no concept of morality. So, unfortunately, we are forced to face it. From the point of view of national interests is a bad thing. Most people understand that this is unacceptable, immoral, but the law – no, sit, utilities,” – said Milonov.

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According to him, this position allows you to “bring our children as a sacrifice to the dragon neo-liberal values, only to have themselves “Ivancice” beautiful.”

In September in Russia started an investigation against Apple because of the propaganda of homosexuality. The reason for this gay emoticons. The company introduced a set of new emoticons in February of this year. The pictures contain images of same-sex couples, including with children. Then Milonov said that Apple is expected to release specially for Russia version of iOS without gay emoticons, otherwise he’ll demand from Roskomnadzor to block the operating system in our country.

“Each update is a spit in our direction. This is not propaganda of same-sex relationships is the integration. Giving the status perversion of normal relations. Apple worms need to produce for Russia, a special version of iOS. Agree — well, not agree — they must go to Fig. Off in Russia, iOS, iTunes, if they are not ready,” — said Milonov.

In October last year, the official demanded to ban the entry into Russia Apple CEO Tim cook, who admitted in non-traditional sexual orientation. “That he might bring us to? The Ebola virus, AIDS, gonorrhea? They’ve got all promiscuous. Prohibit entry forever” — the MP said commenting on the reports on homosexuality of the Corporation.

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