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Mikhail Boyarsky gave the iPhone 7 “D’artagnan” for 184 000 rubles

French jewelry house Ouvri gave the famous Russian actor Mikhail Boyarsky exclusive version of the iPhone 7. According to information on the company website, a smartphone called the “iPhone 7 D’artagnan” is 184 000.

The production unit of the new series Mousquetaires took more than 70 hours. The novelty is made of black titanium with satin-finished and decorated with gold inset of 18K gold with engraving and inlay in beech wood with artistic carving.

Engraved on the case quote from the novel “the Three Musketeers”: Un pour tous, tous pour un! (“One for all and all for one!”)

French jewellers explained his gift that he Boyarsky on the image of the hero of Dumas “contributed to the fascination of French culture in Russia”. “Now, Mikhail Gorbachev owns Ouvri D’artagnan at No. 1 from a limited edition of 11 copies,” the message reads Ouvri.

“I do not use gadgets, I have the easy push button phone, but in this case, because it “D’artagnan,” it makes sense to use it, prove yourself as a man versed,” said Mikhail Boyarsky.

As noted by the jewellers on the iPhone 7 D’artagnan worked with many talented artists of the House Ouvri: artist, 3D designer, engineer, designer, Woodcarver, jeweler and engraver.

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