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Might look like a future iPhone

Designer Philippe Starck has created a conceptual model of the smartphone of the future. A device called Alo as the interface uses projected in the air, the image and voice-controlled.

The smartphone has an ergonomic translucent case that does not include any additional controls. The device is controlled with voice commands, the camera has a face detection function, in addition, it can project videos using 3D holograms.

Typing is not necessary — efficient algorithms voice recognition will understand the master perfectly. “It’s a real artificial intelligence,” said stark.

The electronics of the device placed in an aluminum core, the case is flexible and provides feedback through vibration and temperature changes. Surface, according to the creators of the concept, covered with a layer able to recover in case of damage.

Philippe Starck, a French industrial and interior designer, founder of the private office’S ARK. Collaborates with manufacturers of furniture and interior design items, Kartell, Baccarat, Magis and others. His works are exhibited in the permanent collections of the Museum of decorative arts in Paris and the design Museum in London.

Despite the fact that Alo is just a concept, stark intends in the future to establish mass production.

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