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Microsoft: your iPhone is not much more secure than Android smartphones

In August the experts at Citizen Lab found dangerous malicious application Pegasus, aimed at devices running iOS. Sophisticated attack that uses to install spyware ON a chain of three of the vulnerabilities allowed attackers to install iPhone spy software. Apple quickly closed the vulnerability in iOS 9.3.5, however, Microsoft could not leave this fact without comment.

In an official Microsoft blog post, an article appeared under the heading “What we know from the iOS vulnerability Trident/Pegasus”. In it the Vice-President brad Anderson criticized the security of Apple’s mobile platform, compared to Android devices. In Redmond, said that enterprise users can no longer trust iOS.

“The last two years I’ve heard from top managers that they are one hundred percent confident in the security of iOS. From them one could often hear like “I don’t trust Android because it’s the wild wild West in iOS, I firmly believe, because it is controlled and protected ecosystem”.

I’m not trying to throw a dig at Android or iOS, but there’s a dilemma: I know that companies make a superhuman effort to strengthen their platforms and maximize security on their operating system. But the fact is: there are threats and criminals have successfully carried out attacks on iOS, despite all the efforts of the developer,” wrote a top-the Manager Microsoft.

Previously, Eugene Kaspersky, an expert in the field of information security and the head of “Kaspersky Lab”, which produces anti-virus products, said that mobile platforms iOS and Android are characterized by many vulnerabilities, while Windows Phone has no such”. In his blog, Kaspersky said that Apple should take the “lessons of security” from Microsoft, in order to increase the security of their own products.

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This week, Kaspersky said that the reason for the popularity of Android among cybercriminals is the prevalence of the OS, not that iOS is more secure. Kaspersky confirmed that the highest number of attacks recorded on “phones”. Audience users of iOS and macOS are much smaller than the audience of Android users, therefore they seem more secure, he said. There are not many able Mac developers, and, accordingly, much smaller and cybercriminals specializing in the Apple platform.

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