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Microsoft: Windows 10 will save $500 in three years

Microsoft said, citing a report from Forrester Research about how much you can save by switching to Windows 10.

First, the study was completed in the middle of last year. Then, analysts came to the conclusion that one users savings over three years is $404. The study modeled an organization with 24,000 computers and many mobile devices when the total number of employees 20 000. Based on this model, Forrester was looking for the difference between Windows 10 and Windows 7.

At the end of last year, the company interviewed four carried over to Windows 10, organizations are adding the results to the original data. A new assessment of the economy for three years has increased by almost a third to $515 per employee.

Modeled the company will spend $4.4 million on the distribution of Windows 10, a little more in comparison with result of 2016. This does not include the cost of licenses of Windows 10 as a hypothetical organization buys the system “wholesale” through Volume Licensing and Software Assurance. Savings during the same time period will total $14.7 million, $2.3 million more than the previous forecast.

The main savings comes from the productivity of mobile workers and is $7.3 million (+$1.5 million). The growth is due to the increasing number of mobile employees to 460. The remaining savings have to simplify distribution of applications ($2.4 million, +$500000), the acceleration load ($1.8 million) and security enhancements ($1.3 million).

Among the expenditures added to the need for constant updates to Windows 10, three years costs $157 000. Forrester conducted this calculation is the assumption that in year ten will get two major updates (in 2016 there was one) and that the installation of each will go 40 hours.

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