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Microsoft: Windows 10 users should always be protected by antivirus

Microsoft released an official statement regarding the complaint of “Kaspersky Lab” in violation of antitrust laws. In a long statement, the Corporation said that users of Windows should be protected by antivirus. The company protects its own decision and talks about cooperation with the manufacturers of antivirus solutions to make the OS compatible with third-party products.

On Apple computers viruses and malicious applications are not the problem, what can be said about operating systems of the Windows family. The representative of Microsoft, Rob Lefferts said that currently, the standard Windows Defender is one of the best antivirus solutions on the market with a detection rate of 99%.

“We built Windows Defender Antivirus with the aim to convince our customers that every device running Windows 10 will ALWAYS be protected from viruses and malware,” said Lefferts.

Microsoft says it has partnered with 80% of ISVs within the program Microsoft Virus Initiative (MVI), which will allow vendors of antivirus software to prepare for the release of new versions of Windows and optimize them for their products to avoid compatibility problems. Thanks to the testing program for Windows insiders, manufacturers can test the compatibility of your antivirus software with new OS versions.

As noted Lefferts, dated April 10 Windows Creators Update is compatible with at least 95% of antivirus solutions. Representatives of Microsoft tried several times to contact the “Kaspersky Lab”, however, the Russian company chose to file a lawsuit. The European Commission has yet to decide whether to initiate an investigation or not.

This week the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) of Russia during the consideration of the case against Microsoft confirmed the discrimination of the manufacturers of antivirus solutions. In particular, the company has imposed restrictions in parts of the form and timing of notification anti-virus third-party software included in requirements for antivirus (Antimalware Platform Requirements) section, a discrepancy which will be the basis for the blocking and failure of the transfer to the updated version of antivirus software.

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The company also blocked antivirus software third party antivirus and activated Windows Defender without proper notice and obtaining their Express consent.

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