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Microsoft will take a brand-name Word Flow keyboard on iOS

On the iPhone there are many tools that enable you to quickly and accurately enter text. Some work quietly in the background, while others pop up when you need them — like word flow, a feature that suggests words and corrects misspellings. Microsoft has decided to present a gift to the owners of smartphones from Apple, releasing a brand-name Word Flow keyboard for the iOS platform.

The World Flow keyboard is one of the advantages of Windows Phone 8. It has a stylish design, quality AutoCorrect and convenient contiguous set. Word Flow has rich vocabulary in many languages, which facilitates the correct spelling of messages. The library also introduces the names from “Contacts” mobile devices.

In 2014, using the Word Flow was set a Guinness world Record for the fastest typing of 140 characters. In Windows 10 Mobile is included new version of this keyboard, but Word Flow from Windows Phone 8 will appear on the Apple mobile platform.

This became known from the e-mail, which published one of the participants of the program Windows Insider. In it, Microsoft says that they are ready to give iPhone owners early access to the keyboard Word Flow. It is also reported that work is underway to adapt the keyboard for other platforms. Most likely means Android.

Microsoft is making efforts to become a cross-platform company. On the one hand, users understand that the company transports its products to other platforms to successfully present on iOS and Android. But on the other hand many fans are outraged as to why the company shares with its competitors the best experience.

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The timing of the release of the Word Flow keyboard for iOS is not known.

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