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Microsoft will introduce in April a new operating system Windows 10 Cloud

Microsoft is developing a new operating system. This is indicated by reference to a mysterious Windows 10 Cloud tools developers OS and configuration files product keys.

According to Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet a new Microsoft operating system will be a kind of resurrection of Windows RT. The main feature of Windows 10 Cloud would be impossible to install on it any software in addition to the universal Windows apps (UWP), which is distributed through the Windows Store.

On relatively old or not too powerful a modern PC operating system, Windows 10 might not be as comfortable, as planned by the developers. This is what is going to change the company in the new Windows 10 Cloud.

A similar version of Windows 10 will be almost completely protected from malware and other threats associated with unauthorized installation of third-party applications. While OS will be simplified in many respects and optimized to run on computers of different configurations.

Available Microsoft powerful tools cloud administration will help further protect the computers running Windows 10 Cloud from rash actions of the user. Sources indicate that this OS is created to compete with Chrome OS and chromocene.

According to available information, the official presentation of Windows 10, the Cloud will take place in April of this year. Microsoft has refused to comment on the rumors about the new OS.

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