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Microsoft will copy one of the key features of macOS Sierra for Windows 10

In preparation for Windows updates Microsoft often inspired by developments by Apple. It was not this time. In the next major software release will add a feature that debuted on the Mac in 2016.

With the release of macOS Sierra Apple offered users a way to bring order to your desktop by using the tabs in the application. Tabs for convenient window management added to many regular applications, including Cards, Pages, Keynote, Numbers and others. They work in the standard Finder. Tabs can be used in third-party applications without additional adaptation.

According to Windowscentral Microsoft is considering the possibility to implement similar functionality in the Windows interface. PC users will have the opportunity to combine folders, or, for example, running multiple programs in a single window in the form of tabs. As a result, for example, in one window “Windows Explorer” you can open multiple folders at the same time that look like bookmarks, and easily transfer data between them.

As on the Mac, the function will run on the operating system level and does not require developers to adapt it to new features of Windows 10. However, programmers can provide an API through which they can augment the capabilities of its software.

It is not known how soon the novelty will appear in Windows and will it happen in principle. According to the most optimistic projections, it will happen in 2018.

Tabs application appeared in macOS in 2016

Tab is not the first that Microsoft borrowed from Apple for Windows 10. In a recent update in the OS the function of “picture in picture” from macOS Sierra. Also, the company from Redmond has implemented analogue technology Handoff, which allows you to start work on an iPhone or iPad and finish it on your Mac. Apple started to introduce it in 2014.

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