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Microsoft will allow Windows 10 users to temporarily disable automatic installation of updates

Microsoft has decided to provide more control over the install Windows updates 10. OS users will be able to temporarily defer the download of updates for a period up to 35 days.

According to network sources, in an unofficial Windows 10 build Creators Update number 14997 implemented a feature that allows to postpone the installation of updates.

Now 10 Windows downloads and installs updates automatically. However, users have repeatedly reported problems with the installation of cumulative updates. For example, in November Microsoft has released two updates uninstallable, and a month later users encountered problems with the Internet after the release of patches for operating systems Windows 10 and Windows 8.

As explained in Microsoft, users will be able to “temporarily postpone the installation of updates, for a period up to 35 days.” It is assumed that during this time people will be able to prepare to install or to wait for the next release if next release will encounter an error.

Whether this option is available for critical updates, not reported.

Previously, Microsoft acknowledged its policy of aggressive upgrade to Windows 10. As noted by the Director of marketing for Microsoft’s Chris Capossela, in this aspect, the company has really gone too far.

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