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Microsoft welcomes the legalization of gay marriage in the US

According to Friday’s ruling by the U.S. Supreme court same-sex marriages become legal across the country, state governments are no longer able to deny them. On Friday supported in corporations Apple and Google – the first Chapter has welcomed the decision by quoting Steve jobs. Do not stay aside and Microsoft.

Today the General Director of the company from Redmond Satya Nadella welcomed the decision of the U.S. Supreme court to recognize gay marriage legal in all States.

“A historic moment and a step forward for the establishment of equality in America,” Nadella wrote in his Twitter account, accompanied by the message tag #LoveWins. Also the head of Microsoft said that the company supports planned for this weekend’s gay pride parade and will participate in it.

Now same-sex marriages become legal across the country. At the moment it is forbidden, for example, in the States of Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee. Local authorities do not allow the local people to enter into same-sex unions, they also do not recognize such marriages performed in other States.

The court’s decision will come into force later. Disagree with the conclusions of the Supreme court to appeal against the verdict within three weeks.

Earlier, the President of the United States welcomed the decision of the Supreme court, through which gays and lesbians will be able to combine the knot in any of the States. “This is a big step forward towards equality. Now gays and lesbians can marry each other, like everyone else,” wrote Obama in his Twitter. “America should be proud of,” added the President.

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