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Microsoft: the iPad Pro will never be your primary device

While many argue about whether the iPad Pro resonated with fans of “Apple”, Apple CEO Tim cook is sure that the innovative tablet will replace laptops and PCs. In Microsoft with this, however, does not agree. Dan Laycock, senior Manager, communications company, does not see the iPad Pro a true rival branded the Microsoft Surface tablets. According to him, the main problem of Apple is that it will never become the main device of the user.

A Microsoft representative has criticized the 12.9-inch tablet Apple, calling its device companion. The announcement came in an interview with TrustedReviews at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016 in Las Vegas.

“Surface users may be limited to a single device. What can be said about a huge Apple, – quotes the edition of a top-Manager Microsoft. Microsoft wants you to use a single gadget as a tablet and PC. iPad Pro, on the contrary, will always be a device-companion”.

Laycock added that “at the time, Apple claimed that if you have a stylus, you’ve already lost”, referring to the words of Steve jobs, who talked about the first smartphones. This Apple can say that Apple Pencil is an optional device and is designed to solve specific problems. Jobs in 2007, talked about the CCP, for which the stylus was represented by the only way to control the interface.

As for the Apple Pencil, it is not just a stylus, it’s more of the graphics pen. The gadget allows you to transfer about 250 types of depression depending on the applied force, it also recognizes different angle. So the function of the stylus pen from Apple are not limited to selecting icons and turning of pages.

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A recent comparison of styluses iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface, by the way, confirmed that Apple Pencil works with less delay than the Surface Pen.

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