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Microsoft: take care of your Surface Laptop with a coating of Alcantara need, like the expensive bag

Laptop keyboard Microsoft Surface Laptop, the design of which used the material Alcantara, requires regular maintenance. This was stated by the representative of the company.

A family of laptops Laptop Surface – the first line, Microsoft classic design with slim rectangular body, small keys with 1.5 mm stroke and produced in Italy Alcantara with the structure and haptic properties of leather, applied to products of class “luxury”. It is the latter model that is highly controversial among users in the Network.

Alcantara actually has a soft velvety structure, it is durable and elastic. However, after a week of active use pleasant to the touch faux suede notebook Microsoft starts to get dirty. Place on wrists, very quickly covered with a dirty greasy spots.

Compare Microsoft Surface keyboard Laptop bag with luxury or expensive car that require constant attention of the owner. A company representative noted that Alcantara is protected by a special coating, which should prevent pollution of material.

However, if the keyboard gets dirt, it must as soon as possible to remove — for example, by using a soft cloth. No special solutions are not required will be enough microfiber with a soap solution (probably it will have to carry in some capacity).

Laptop sale will start next month, and only then we can find out how practical will be the expensive device — the price Surface Laptop start at $1000 for the base model.

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