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Microsoft Surface Pro disappoint the players during important NFL match

Microsoft Surface – the official tablet of the National football League USA, but it seems that athletes are not much happy with this fact. Yesterday in a match the device on which the coach of team New England Patriots showed the replays and planned tactics stopped working.

Three tablet at the Microsoft stand at one point stopped to get relevant information and did not respond to attempts to bring them back to life. As explained during the broadcast, the commentators, the coaches could not show their players photos from the last draw and develop tactics for a new one. Had to intervene representatives of the League, but they failed to bring back to life all tablets.

The problem lasted about 20 minutes, but managed to cause resentment in athletes. Later, Microsoft representatives made the statement that the problem was not caused by your network connection. While tablet rivals New England Patriots worked in a regular mode.

Microsoft in 2013 paid about $ 400 million for the right to offer Surface Pro as a business tablet on the field for players in American football.

In 2013, Microsoft signed an advertising contract with the NFL for a period of five years. According to its terms, during the games of football League teams have to use the Surface. For the contract, the Corporation paid about $400 million.

However, the first time the NFL commentators called Surface “devices similar to the iPad.” After that, Microsoft has spent explanatory work and hired a few people who watched that commentators correctly called the Surface, when the camera shows a closeup of the players with tablets.

On one of the games highest paid player NFL Jay Cutler called the Surface Pro 2 “iPad clone”.

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