Microsoft showed a cheap Xbox Series S. Price - $ 299

Microsoft showed a cheap Xbox Series S. Price – $ 299

Microsoft has shown a simplified version of the next generation Xbox game console. Series S is thinner and weaker than Series X. It also lacks a floppy drive. The price will be $ 299:

πŸ‘€ Let’s make it official!

Xbox Series S | Next-gen performance in the ˒ᡐᡃˑˑᡉ˒ᡗ Xbox ever. $ 299 (ERP).

Looking forward to sharing more! Soon. Promise.

– Xbox (@Xbox) September 8, 2020

In Europe, the console is likely to cost € 299, and in Russia – somewhere around 27,000, if the exchange rate remains the same by November.

Apparently, the console will fully support only Full HD, and higher resolutions will be issued with restrictions such as low frame rates. It will probably be close to the power of the Xbox One X with one important upgrade: the console will support ray tracing.

However, so far not much is known about the console, and all the talk about the power of the console before its official release is only speculation. In the meantime, Microsoft has not even announced a release date. But earlier, the edition of Windows Central shared fresh insights, according to which both versions of the new Xbox will be released on November 10. At the same time, two prices were named:

Series S: $ 299
Series X: $ 499

Of the three facts of interest to us, one has been confirmed so far. But with a high degree of probability we can say that the Xbox Series X will cost exactly $ 499. In Europe, this price will most likely be transformed into 499 € without taxes, and in Russia, if you focus on the current exchange rate, 45 thousand rubles. But I would like to stress that these are only assumptions, not official information.

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Xbox Series X: Microsoft shares specs and important details about the PlayStation 5 rival

Ilya Kichaev

16 March 2020

Playstation 5

Until now, the cost of any of the versions of the main competitor of the Xbox Series X – Sony PS5 has not been named. But for an interesting competition, the Japanese are likely to set the same price for the older version. But with a "curling iron" without a floppy drive is more difficult – it is similar in power to the version with a floppy drive. So the PS 5 prices are likely to be:

Regular PS 5: $ 499/499 €;
PS5 Digital Edition: $ 399/399 €, that is, about 37 thousand rubles at the current exchange rate.

Although there is an assumption that the regular version of the PS5 with a floppy drive will be more expensive than the Xbox Series X by 100 dollars / euros, and for $ 499/499 € you will buy the digital version of the set-top box. It is assumed that the new "curling irons" will go on sale on November 13, 2020.

I emphasize that I assume the official cost of the set-top boxes, and not how much they will cost from outbids at the very beginning of sales.

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