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Microsoft said that Windows 10 is five times more popular than macOS

According to official data, worldwide there are about 100 million active Mac users. Microsoft in a recent interview said that the number of Windows 10 users exceeds 500 million.

Taking into account the long global domination of Microsoft on the market of PCs and laptops, the humble Apple’s results should not surprise anyone. Apple smartphones iPhone and tablets iPad has a big impact on the mobile OS market. But at the same time, Apple and Microsoft released figures allow us to gain a clearer idea of how far ahead it is.

According to analysts, in the world there are over 1 billion computers running Windows. But Microsoft cites only active users of the latest version of Windows 10, which worldwide has more than 500 million people. It turns out that even without its predecessors Windows 10 five times more popular than Mac.

But all this does not mean that Apple is not making on their computers. Just the opposite, earning, and very good. In fact, Mac sales in monetary terms about $25 billion, that is, with such an annual turnover of a business to produce Mac computers, if you select it into a separate company, can enter into top 100 largest companies in the U.S. according to the American magazine Fortune.

According to Apple, the share of MacBooks in the supply is 80%, whereas the remaining 20% are Mac Pro and iMac. Although the Mac Pro and iMac occupy only a fifth of the total sales, Apple continues to develop these scales and, as we already know, is preparing a new model.

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Despite complaints related to autonomy, and other controversial aspects of the MacBook Pro last generation, Apple calls the sale “a positive”. We will remind, in the first quarter of 2017 MacBook Pro sales increased by 20% compared to the same period last year.

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