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Microsoft revealed the possibility of “future points” HoloLens on the example of Minecraft [video]

Microsoft showed how popular looks simulator Minecraft in versions adapted for augmented reality glasses Hololens. The demonstration held at the press-conference, dedicated to the industrial exhibition E3 in Los Angeles.

Their first virtual reality glasses HoloLens, the company Minecraft showed early in the year. Wearable on the head of a holographic display according to the intention of the company that brings together the real and virtual worlds.

The device Hololens looks like goggles for downhill skiing. Glasses is a semi-transparent screen, the device imposes digital graphics objects in the world. In glasses built a new virtual reality technology Microsoft Holographic, which is integrated in Windows 10.

At the E3 conference the audience clearly showed how virtual levels will be rebuilt in the form of holograms in the real world. Recording of the presentation published on YouTube.

When Minecraft for Hololens will be available, not reported. The device is also no exact date of release. “We’re dreaming about holograms,” a Microsoft representative has announced a new device. In Redmond called HoloLens “the most advanced holographic computer, which ever saw the world”.

Minecraft is a hybrid survival simulator and virtual design. In 2014 Minecraft appeared on the Xbox One and PS4, were previously issued versions for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. There are also versions for iOS and Android. The developer was acquired by Microsoft in 2014, the transaction amounted to $2.5 billion.

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