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Microsoft released the ugly sweater with the logo of Windows 95 that is very difficult to obtain

Microsoft said on Twitter that will distribute the jerseys with the logo of Windows 95 “happy fans”. The company called it ugly, but on the Internet all want to.

The company says fans should check their private messages on Twitter to find out about how to obtain a sweater with the logo of Windows 95. The company produced only 100 of the sweaters, many of which have already found their owners.

In a statement to Business Insider, the Microsoft representative said the company is looking for fans who “shared his genuine love for Windows”.

Microsoft is difficult the so-called ugly sweater. In the United States for a long time, decided to give sweaters for Christmas. Their distinctive feature is the presence of large knitting. In 1990-2000-ies such jerseys presented in the joke and they were considered ugly. However, since the 2010s, the fashion for these gifts back and Microsoft decided to support it.

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