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Microsoft released a new version of OneNote notebooks with recycled lists and support formulas

Microsoft has released a new version of the application service electronic notes in OneNote. Update client for iPhone and iPad has brought improved feature lists, two new background on the user’s choice and support formulas.

Service electronic notes Microsoft is the answer popular cross-platform solution to record Evernote. OneNote, according to the company, is a full – fledged notebook for important business and personal notes. It allows you to sketch ideas, add pictures, keep shopping lists and Affairs.

In the new version of OneNote for iPhone has been improved lists. “We redesigned the feature lists, so you can cope with the current Affairs and focus on the future. You can easily get the lists in a familiar and intuitive interface OneNote”, – stated in the patch notes. In the version for iPad you can now choose a background such as lined paper or graph paper, which is especially useful for educational records or sketches. In addition, there is support formulas.

About the release of the update for OneNote stated in the official Microsoft blog. The update also fixed bugs and improved stability of the application.

Store all your information is free cloud service OneDrive, allowing you to view the notes, modify, and manage them from virtually anywhere, from your computer and web browser.

Download OneNote for free from the App Store via the links below.

Download OneNote for iPhone and iPod touch [App Store]
Download OneNote for iPad [App Store]

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