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Microsoft one of the first to support Touch Bar in the new MacBook Pro

At a recent presentation, Apple showed a few third party apps that work with the bar Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro. Many developers have expressed a desire to get the API to update their programs. Among the first was Microsoft, which announced plans to upgrade the Office Suite to work with the Touch Bar.

If you are using Word on your Mac, then you should know about the so-called Focus Mode, which removes all the operating panel in the upper part of the screen and provides the opportunity to work with the contents of the document without the “stimuli”. So now the access panel to the main features in the Focus Mode will be moved to the Touch Bar and the user can select the desired options (font, color, style, numbering, bullets, and so on) on the touch strip laptop.

Similar opportunities got PowerPoint. The program panel allows you to control graphical elements, use the touch panel you can move and rotate the object, achieving their optimal location on the slide.

In Excel, on Touch Bar will display some popular functions and frequently used tasks. Finally, in Outlook on Touch Bar will display main options, a list of recent documents and calendar events.

The exact release date of the updates MS Office is still unknown, but Microsoft claims the developer team actively working on updates and are ready to submit it soon.

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