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Microsoft Office officially received the support of the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro

On 17 February, Microsoft released update Microsoft Office for your operating system macOS. The main innovation is support for Touch Bar MacBook Pro, 2016 release. Now, interact with office applications on the laptops with Touch pannel Bar has never been easier.

Users of the latest generation MacBook Pro, equipped with an additional touch panel, will be interested to know that Microsoft added the appropriate support in MS Office.

All office programs now available a new mode “Word Focus Mode”. Basic formatting tools made on the Touch Bar. Users of Word can change the color, font, add bulleted lists. PowerPoint shows a graphical map of all of the layers on the slide that allows you to quickly navigate between elements on the slide.

The new version of the spreadsheet Excel supports fast operation of the new MacBook Pro. For example, after pressing “=” on the Touch Bar are displayed last used commands. When creating emails in Outlook, the touch panel will display a list of recent documents that will allow faster to attach files. In addition, on Touch Bar will display the list of events of the day and with a mini-screen you can run Skype for business.

On support touch pad Touch Bar in MS Office was announced in October last year to coincide with the announcement of the MacBook Pro, but testing began in early February, and the final release just now.

An update of MS Office is distributed free of charge.

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