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Microsoft new keyboard for iOS will receive a special dialler with one hand

Alternative keyboards for iPhone and iPad developed so that the choice of any one of them in the App Store can become a very difficult task. In this regard, the emergence of the next variant in this category is unlikely to attract the attention of the media, but only if it’s not a Microsoft product.

The company sent out to some participants of the program Windows Insider letter with a proposal to test the Word Flow keyboard on iOS before its public offering. The first app users found a particular mode with one hand.

“At the time, as your keyboard has a Windows 10 Mobile is the mode control with one hand, the iOS version works differently. This mode works on each side, allowing you to use either hand to enter letters on the go. Keyboard in Windows 10 Mobile just moves to one side, whereas on iOS the letters are arranged like a fan,” writes The Verge.

While Microsoft has not indicated when it is Word Flow, is known to users of smartphone Windows Phone 8.1, will be available for iPhone users. The company clearly described the system requirements of Word Flow for iOS to test it on “Apple” OS, you must have iPhone 5s or later model.

A year ago the virtual keyboard Word Flow is famous for the fact that with its help set a world record for speed typing on the touch screen. Then the winner of the competition Gaurav Sharma could score on the smartphone Nokia Lumia 520 the message length of 140 characters at a 18,44 seconds.

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