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Microsoft killed the Paint

Microsoft has published a list of applications and features that will not be updated after the release of Windows 10 Update Creators Fall in September 2017. One of the most notable losses was the abandonment of further development of the Paint. While this part of the operating system is put on hold, and in the future Microsoft can completely exclude her from the Windows.

Such a move not unexpected. Microsoft gradually removes from the operating system of the classic components that do not meet the current level of technology. Speaking of graphics editors, the user has dozens of apps from free software enthusiasts to complex professional tools — each of them is superior to the Paint on the functionality and ease of use.

At the moment the only advantage of Paint is the nostalgia that comes with this app. With its simple interface, many people began to get acquainted with graphic editors and image processing, and some of it is their indulgence and hobby could grow into a profession. However, we cannot live in the past, because at the moment everything interesting that can offer a Paint — rare drawings of enthusiasts who over the years of hard work manage to go beyond the primitive graphics and poor quality image processing.

Recall the first time Paint was introduced in 1985 and became part of Windows 1.0. Since then, Microsoft has added in all subsequent versions of Windows, but has almost no improvement to the user interface, new tools, or extend functionality.

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