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Microsoft is developing an iOS app for voice playback news

Microsoft is testing a new mobile app NewsCast, which is designed for voice playback news. This became known Neowin.

An application designed for smartphones iPhone, read short news reports of 30 seconds, and you can adjust the ratio of local and world news. According to the developers, the service is intended to provide the opportunity for more productive use of time spent daily on the way from home to work (and back). Also it is perfect for owners of models with a small screen, not wishing to read small text.

It is reported that to play synopses of texts with a duration of 30 seconds, the NewsCast app uses text-to-speech based on Bing. The program allows you to save the summary news to read later, but also has a feedback button that launches a short survey of three questions for testers.

In NewsCast are available in two different voices, and they don’t sound like a robot voice, but compared with Cortana “naturalness” of speech needs work.

NewsCast is not the first Microsoft development, which will debut exclusively on the Apple platform. This is due to the fact that many developers use the company’s iPhone and create it for your platform.

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