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Microsoft invented the smartphone with three foldable displays

At the dawn of the smartphone era, manufacturers were trying to outdo each other, equipping their devices with expanded memory and better cameras.


Now user will be surprised by this, so companies have to shift and come up with new trends. Especially if the business is in the production of smartphones has not once failed, and to return to the market want to.

Microsoft has long sought to declare itself as about the manufacturer of mobile phones, but it is not very successful. At this time, the Windows maker has decided to shock the audience with a smartphone with three screens.

According to the application, approved by the American Bureau for registration of patents and trade marks, the device will be prevailing, will receive two large screens and the third is located on the verge between the main parts. It is expected that further narrow the display will serve as a liaison between the two screens.

The additional information on the third display will differ, depending on device orientation and mutual arrangement of large screens.

While this smartphone is only at the stage of the patent application, and its appearance remains a big question.

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