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Microsoft have implemented ads in the menu “start” Windows 10

Microsoft recently more aggressive promoting and advertising inside of Windows 10. It was recently reported about is the OneDrive cloud in the default Explorer of the OS, and now it became known about the promotion of Edge browser via the menu “start”. Opening the panel, users of the Microsoft operating system will now see an advertisement which invites them to download Edge.

Microsoft, it seems, does not stop criticism of the users, the advertising continues to appear in various parts of the operating system, in addition to the “start” menu and Windows Explorer is the lock screen and desktop. Now in the standard menu, the developers talk about the benefits of the Microsoft Edge.

What to call this type of advertising, everyone decides for himself, but we must consider what in the future may become the norm.

In the screenshot shown a sample of such advertising, which refers to the possibility of more continuous video streaming in the browser Edge. Microsoft indicates a higher energy efficiency of your browser compared to the competition that can be useful on laptops and tablets for greater battery life. Clicking on this icon is given a comparison to Google Chrome.

The good news is that ads can be disabled. To do this, go to Settings > Personalize > start and use the option “Show suggestions in the “start menu”.

By the way, Windows 10 has other features that do not like users. For example, the fact that in this OS the company collects information about its customers or what the system is updated automatically and forcibly. In Redmond promise to deal with these shortcomings in the next update for developers, which will be released in April 2017.

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