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Microsoft has released an iOS app to recognize dog breeds by picture

Microsoft has released a new mobile app for iPhone that recognizes dog breed on her photos. A program called Fetch! presented as part of “garage” projects.

Fetch! uses machine learning algorithms when processing images of dogs. The application allows you to identify the breed on the already prepared photos, find pictures dogs with the help of search engine Bing, as well as upload your own.

“It was an interesting challenge to come up with an algorithm that will work with the sample – in our case, the dogs – and to recognize the various classes, for example, breed, – says development Director of Microsoft Research in the UK Mitch Goldberg. – We wanted our app allowed us to recognize objects fun, easy and unusual.”

First users report that Fetch! certainly works with images of four-legged Pets. App from Microsoft correctly identified such breeds as the Dachshund, Shih Tzu, border collie, German Shepard.

According to journalists the Verge, the app works successfully with the popular breeds of pet dogs, and rare species does not recognize. For fun the developers added in app mode, where it tries to determine “breed” of people. Cats mobile app identifies correctly and to give them canine breed refuses.

Download Fetch! from American App Store at this link. The service is available also in the web version

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