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Microsoft has released a new app for email-Send correspondence

Most e-mail applications support the function of combining messages in threads. However, the user usually does not see all the correspondence, and the previous message is necessary each time to deploy. Microsoft has offered a solution to this problem.

The software giant has released a new app chat Send, which is a Supplement to signature mail to Outlook. The product gives users the ability to conduct “short, non-permanent and casual conversation”. In the description of the client States that Send allows you to quickly establish connections with strangers that are not in the usual list of email addresses user. “No, greetings or signatures. Just a quick and natural communication”, according to Microsoft.

In may of this year the app details were discovered by an Internet user h0x0d. He managed to find a short description of the program on the download page marked “Confidential”.

An application that uses the Office 365 accounts, should be a starting point for Microsoft in the capture of an oversaturated market messengers. Send allows you to communicate with friends and colleagues via e-mail as easily as in any popular chat”.

All messages are displayed in the form of a dialogue, in addition, users can create group chats and send pictures.

Currently, the app Send available only in the U.S. Department of the App Store. About the international release date is not known.

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