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Microsoft has officially named the date of death of Windows 7

Microsoft intends to cease supporting Windows 7 in the beginning of 2020. The company strongly recommends that users now upgrade to Windows 10.

In January 2015, Microsoft discontinued support of Windows 7, releasing Windows 10 and allow users to upgrade for free during the year (except for corporate customers). At the end of 2016, the company forbade manufacturers to sell PC which pre-installed the previous version of the OS. In 2020, as reported by the Cnews, Windows 7 will stop getting updates, and Microsoft again urges all users to upgrade to Windows 10.

The company said that “seven” is outdated and cannot effectively confront modern cyberthreats. Microsoft notes that the use of old and no longer supported OS is an unnecessary expense for the user, such as those associated with addressing the consequences of cyber attacks. Therefore, the company recommends that users quickly upgrade to Windows 10.

The call, the company published in the official blog, noting that Windows 10 currently owns about 25% of the global OS market for desktop computers.

Microsoft says that Windows 10 is currently already more popular than Windows 7. On the official page of trends in the Windows community, Microsoft announced in August 2016, the Company said that the share of Windows 10 reached 43% worldwide, while the share of Windows 7 has dropped to 42%. Separately for the United States, this ratio was 55% vs 35%, UK 58% vs 31%, in both cases in favor of Windows 10.

However, analysts from research firm NetMarkShare claim otherwise. According to them, in December 2016, total of 24, 36% of users in the world have worked on Windows 10, while the share of Windows 7 users in the same month was 48,34%.

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Apparently, Windows 7 is still some time will remain the leading computer operating system in the world, despite the reduction in support.

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