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Microsoft has launched a website to help MacBook owners in the transition to Surface Book

Microsoft began preparing to migrate users from Mac computers at its first notebook Surface Book. The company wants to make the process easier: move user data with Apple computer on a Windows-PC companies can effortlessly.

On the Microsoft website there was a section for users of MacBook. In Redmond believe that the MacBook is not too familiar with Windows. In addition, the company wants to show that its Surface Book itself has some interesting features. “We want you to feel confident, moving from Mac Book to Surface,” – said on the Microsoft website.

Surface Book features a 13.5-inch screen with a density of 267 ppi, a magnesium alloy case, a backlit keyboard, the chips Core i5/i7 from Intel the item has been added, graphics NVIDIA GeForce with GDDR5 memory. In the United States and Canada sales will start on 26 October at the price from 1 to 3 499 $ 199 for a model with a SSD 1TB.

High price Book Surface refers to the category of premium laptops, such as MacBook Pro. MacBook makes him a great trackpad, the keyboard is island-type and silver-black design.

“Computers and the memories that you store in them, are incredibly personal. We know that the transfer of these memories from one platform to another can take a lot of nerves, and learning new software seems difficult. We want to make this translation as simple as possible” – say at Microsoft.

We can expect that the software giant will continue to attempt to influence Mac users. During the presentation Surface Book company positioned the device as “twice as powerful” than a MacBook.

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Experts who tested Surface Book, attributed to the strengths of devices, good screen, high performance and long lasting battery, in the cons of the gadget recorded “buggy” of the trackpad, the instability, the gap between the cover and keyboard, as well as a high price.

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