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Microsoft has clarified the rules a free license upgrade to Windows 10

Last week Microsoft published an article that introduced confusion into the question of how program participants pre-test Windows Insider can obtain a licensed version of Windows 10. It seemed that users have a way to receive free, but later the article was updated in Redmond and decided to clarify the situation on this score.

As it turned out, only update with licensed versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 will give a free license of Windows 10, and other workarounds do not exist. In the case of Windows Insider, the user can face the problem of out-of-program testing users will not receive any privileges. In other words, the thus obtained copy of Windows 10 will remain activated under the condition that the user will continue to be a tester for new versions.

Thus, the Windows Insider program really is one of the “loopholes”, which users can use for free download Windows 10, but in this case you will have to put up with a lot of potential errors contained in future preview versions of the OS.

If users will upgrade to Windows 10 pirated version, then they will be prompted to either return to the old version of the system, or to purchase a license for a new one. Thus, Microsoft is clearly signaling that the Windows Insider program will not become a free source Windows 10 license for owners of Windows XP and Vista.

Those who want to remain in the program Windows Insider, to do nothing. Each Assembly 10 for Windows insiders comes with a temporary key that allows the operating system to remain activated. After a certain time expiry date the key expires, what motivates users to switch to newer version with a valid key.

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