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Microsoft gave Tim cook a free Surface Pro 4

Apple CEO Tim cook has repeatedly criticized the Surface, comparing them with a toaster-fridge, but during a recent trip to China he had to spend some time with one of the devices Microsoft.

As a member of the Chinese forum on development of the CEO was given a free Surface Pro 4 at the time of the conference. The fact that Microsoft was a sponsor of the event and gave the tablets to allow participants to follow the slide show, take notes in Microsoft Office and ask questions electronically.

Judging by the photos from the event, most participants deferred to the Surface Pro 4 to the side and used the other device. Perhaps Tim cook left the gadget as a stand for the iPad.

In addition to hybrid tablet, Microsoft has provided a demo version of augmented reality headset HoloLens. In the future this device can directly compete with Apple, if confirmed rumors that the company intends to release its own smart glasses with augmented reality technology.

At the conference in China, Tim cook made the speech in defense of globalization, and called the data privacy one of the values of the company. In his speech, which lasted about an hour, he said that globalization “in General, great for the whole world”, but the benefits are unevenly distributed between countries.

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