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Microsoft: Edge will become the world’s most secure browser

Last month, Microsoft introduced a new browser for Windows 10 – Edge. Product development the company pays attention not only to functional innovations, but also increased user safety. According to Microsoft, the browser has become the most secure on the market.

Microsoft: Edge will become the world's most secure browser

Blog Edge Dev, the developers have shared some information about the future of browser security. Promised that the app will be able to protect users from malicious extensions, phishing attacks, memory corruption and other troubles.

Among the known technologies will be supported verification Certificate Reputation, SmartScreen, HTTPS and certificates with extended validation (EV). New features include support for the latest protocols HTTP2 and TSL.

Also in Edge will be integrated some advanced security features of Windows 10. Function support Windows Password will provide a more secure way of authentication and will allow to abandon the outdated password protection. Engine EdgeHTML will work in the sandbox, just like any app from the Windows store. The browser will run in a different sandbox, since it is a separate application and not part of Windows, like Internet Explorer. This will allow us to update it through the app store.

For finding new vulnerabilities, Microsoft will launch a Bug Bounty program, where third-party experts will be able to earn rewards in case of detection of deficiencies in the system browser security.

Microsoft aims to offer Windows 10 is a very strong software package, and a key component, Edge, should be the fastest, easy, safe and beautiful ever created browsers.

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