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Microsoft Display adapter allows the Dock to turn the smartphone on Windows 10 desktop

Along with a host of new devices, Microsoft on Tuesday presented a card called the Display Dock released in the framework of the Continuum feature in Windows 10. This technology, the company has removed the special attention during the event.

The essence of Continuum is that compatible with the Windows 10 Mobile smartphone can be connected to the monitor and to use as a replacement desktop computer. Of course, the operating system remains mobile, but the interface mimics the desktop of Windows 10. The gadget plays a familiar computing environment. Moreover, the user has access to versatile applications, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel or Outlook.

Microsoft Display Dock just acts as a hub to connect the smartphone to monitor and manipulators. Presents a list of ports HDMI, USB Type-C, DisplayPort and three USB 2.0 ports. Thus, the device can connect keyboard, mouse and monitor, as well as, for example, a USB flash drive.

The dimensions of the adapter are 64,1 x 64,1 x 25,6 mm, weight 230 g display update rate is 60 frames per second, supports Full HD resolution. At the moment Microsoft Display Dock is only compatible with the flagship Lumia 950 and 950 XL.

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