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Microsoft decided not to release the Edge browser for iOS and Mac

Microsoft not planning to release its browser Edge, which became one of the major innovations of the operating system, Windows 10, on third party platforms. On Wednesday said representatives of the Redmond software giant.

At the moment, Microsoft is focused on developing browser only for Windows 10, the appropriateness of its release for other OS will become clear only with time. For example, for Edge release on iOS, the company will have at least translate it with the native engine EdgeHTML on WebKit. Previously Vice-President of Mozilla called it one of the reasons why Firefox is still not out on iPhone and iPad.

Apple forces third-party browsers such as Chrome, use a UIWebView to render web pages. While the company itself in Safari uses its own engine, which is faster. In addition, Apple doesn’t allow to change the default browser, and although the situation smacks of the artificial restriction of competition and the subject of antitrust proceedings in Cupertino claim that all the matter in the security – open your engine to third-party developers, the company will be forced to expose iOS unnecessary risk.

Microsoft officially introduced the Edge in late April. He will be in Windows 10 as your default browser, displaying in the taskbar and on the desktop/start screen. IE such a prominent location will not receive, and wish to use this browser will first find it in the system.

Among the innovations in the Edge — the ability to take notes on a web page, and then share it already with comments, new reading mode, formatting the page in a view similar to a book or magazine, read pages offline, integration with voice assistant Cortana. In addition, it has a new interface, somewhat similar to Chrome and Firefox.

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The final release of the software platform of Windows 10 for desktops, laptops and full-sized tablets will take place already this summer. The release of a new OS on smartphones and tablet computers is planned at a later date.

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