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Microsoft creates a compact version of the Xbox One to compete with Apple TV

Microsoft is considering the release of the compact version of Xbox One, designed to compete with the new Apple TV, reports Businessinsider.

Citing informed sources, the publication writes that the first conversations about a similar product in Microsoft went back in 2013. Due to the success of the set-top box Apple fourth generation the company returned to this issue.

“I heard from sources at Microsoft that the company plans to release a lightweight version of Xbox One that can only run games from the Windows Store. She needs to compete with Apple TV. About this gadget said back in 2013 during the launch of Xbox One. Then those plans were shelved, but now it is back again. If this device will see the light, then most likely only in the second half of 2016″, – quotes the edition the IT Knowledgebase.

Microsoft to release a set-top box for the living room is well justified, since the new Apple TV has attracted the attention of many developers and consumers. It’s cheaper, more compact, and allows you to run games and apps from the App Store. New model Xbox will be not only less Xbox One, and accessible at a price that will allow Microsoft to increase sales compared with the older counterpart.

If Xbox One is designed exclusively for gamers, it is the smaller version of the console will find a place in any living room or office.

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