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Microsoft could start selling the Surface Pro preloaded with Windows 10 S

16.08.2017 Erika J. Wells 0 Comments

It is expected that this will reduce the price of the tablet by $ 100.


During the presentation of the Surface Pro, Microsoft announced that the tablet will get support for Windows 10 S. August 15, the company has released an update for the Surface Pro, and the list of changes stated that the update provides support for Windows 10 S.

Probably in the near future the company will start selling the Surface Pro preloaded with Windows 10 S. the Price of this configuration is unknown. Analysts expect the tablet version is preloaded with Windows 10’s will cost $ 100 cheaper. Users who have already purchased the Surface Pro will probably be able to install Windows 10 S.


Windows 10’s allows you to run applications only from the Windows store, and programs Universal Windows Platform (UWP). This is its main difference from the full Windows 10.

Source: MSPowerUser


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