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Microsoft copied another feature of macOS to Windows 10

Microsoft released a new test build of Windows 10, which users found a familiar operating system macOS function. We are talking about the technology of “picture in picture” implemented in Apple’s desktop platform macOS Sierra. It was added in a test build of Windows 10 number 15031.

The operating system for Apple computers, users can work with one window and view the content in the other thanks to the function “picture in picture”. So, the Sierra allows you to have a video of Safari or iTunes in a separate window on top of all others while you work and even change its size, drag, or fixed in any corner of the screen. The video remains at the top, even when the user works in another window, so nothing escapes him.

In Windows 10 feature called “Compact Overlay”. It allows users to run the program in a small window that is on top of other apps. So you can see, for example, video from YouTube or an image from Skype, which won’t be Intrusive, as in the standard window, said Microsoft.

It is noteworthy that the developers from Redmond are going to go ahead and implement the Compact mode Overlay for any software in the OS. Therefore, it can work not only media players, and instant messengers, chat clients, etc. in addition, the technology will support 52 games from Game Bar, including Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto.

The function of “picture in picture” is not the first that Microsoft borrowed from Apple for Windows 10. In your new OS, the company sold the analog technology Handoff, which allows you to start work on an iPhone or iPad and finish it on your Mac. Apple started to introduce it in 2014.

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