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Microsoft ceases production of Surface 3

Recently Microsoft is not shy to talk about the statistics of tablet sales from the Surface, although did not disclose sales volumes, and does not emit statements for each modification. And if some devices in the family are more popular, the other was a failure. Accordingly, from the release of the latest makes sense to give up.

According to informed sources, Microsoft intends to cease production of the Surface 3 in December of this year. It is known that already in stores there is a shortage of these devices. In the U.S. retail at the moment, only a 64-Gigabyte version of the tablet with LTE, but models with 64 GB and 128 GB of memory is already completely sold out.

However, in Redmond believe that the Surface Pro 3 has enjoyed good demand. Perhaps the gadget it’s time to give place to a successor, but that the official sources are silent.

Model Surface Pro 3 is a budget version of the Surface Pro 3 and differs from the older brother, the reduced screen size, and the presence of Intel Atom processor is Intel Core i3. In Microsoft during the announcement of the first Surface said that this device will combine all the best features of laptops and tablets. If the company plans to include the successor to this unit in their future lineup is not yet known.

Nothing sources say over the future of “smart” bracelet Band 2. In the current version, the device often suffers from violations of the integrity of the hull, but Microsoft recognizes such cases the warranty by replacing the defective copies. The volume of deliveries Microsoft Band 2 is now limited, but the manufacturer says nothing about the intent to minimize the release of this product.

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