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Microsoft begins testing proprietary Word Flow keyboard for iOS

Microsoft, as expected, began testing branded keyboard Word Flow, which allows you to enter text by swipe without lifting the finger from the screen, on iOS devices. Notice was given to the participants of the preliminary test program Windows Insider. IPhone users got early access to Word Flow in the context of the service TestFlight.

The owners of smartphones iPhone 5s and newer can help developers to Microsoft “to extend the keyboard with Windows Phone on other platforms, starting with iOS,” according to the company. “Before publicly to place the keyboard in the App Store, we would like to provide previews insiders such as you,” said the company’s employees. Those wishing to participate in the testing of the iOS version of Word Flow needs to send a letter to the address [email protected] with the title I want in!

The World Flow keyboard is one of the advantages of Windows Phone 8. It has a stylish design, quality AutoCorrect and convenient contiguous set. The Word Flow rich vocabulary in many languages, which facilitates the correct spelling of messages. The library also introduces the names from “Contacts” mobile devices.

Word Flow is considered to be one of the most successful mobile development Microsoft. In 2014 she entered the Guinness Book of records, when one of the users set a world record by typing the following text in just 18,44 seconds: The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human. So, has broken the previous record of 2010, when the same text was printed on the Galaxy S with the Swype keyboard for 25,94 seconds.

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Microsoft is making efforts to become a cross-platform company. On the one hand, users understand that the company transports its products to other platforms to successfully present on iOS and Android. But on the other hand many fans are outraged as to why the company shares with its competitors the best experience.

The date of the public release for iOS Word Flow in Microsoft did not specify. It is not excluded that then will be presented and the version for Android.

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