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Microsoft began to display ads in a Windows Explorer Windows 10

In Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft started to receive the advertising, and not somewhere, and in the standard file Manager “file Explorer.” About it informs the resource Digital Trends.

Windows users remember Intrusive suggestions to Microsoft about upgrading to the “tens”. It seems that this experience the company decided to use in promoting the company’s cloud storage OneDrive.

Windows 10 users began to complain about the obsessive offer to purchase a subscription, which appears directly in the “Explorer”. The cost of the service is about $ 7 per month. And, as others have written, is appears even in cases when the user already has a premium account OneDrive.

Offer “best deal” appears at a time, just like Windows users just browse the files and folders in “Explorer”. OneDrive client is preinstalled in Microsoft operating systems and users can store it up to 5 GB of information. The company also reminds us that for a monthly subscription, this amount can be increased to 1 TB.

In order to cancel the display of advertising messages, it is necessary to expand the Explorer ribbon, switch to the tab “View” and under “Settings” uncheck the option “Show notification that the sync provider”. In the English version the item is called “Show notifications sync provider”.

But it will also eliminate potentially important notifications from OneDrive.

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