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Microsoft: after the release of new MacBook Pro users switching to the Mac Surface record pace

Mac users disappointed by the new models of MacBook Pro and actively pass on the device family Surface. This statement was made on Monday Microsoft.

The company said that November was to Surface the best month from the point of view of user demand.

“Exclusive set Surface at Best Buy were sold out in one day. This is true around the world. In the UK the Surface was the best week ever, and in Germany Surface Pen became the best selling accessory for the PC in just 12 hours,” said Microsoft.

The company believes that a significant role in the popularity of its new products was played by the trade-in program for users of MacBook.

“User switching from Mac to Surface like never before. Our trade-in program for MacBook broke all records. Delightful innovation, together with the disappointing new MacBook Pro, especially among professionals, led to the fact that more and more users began to move to the Surface. Every day brings some new recommendations to abandon the MacBook in favor of the Surface. Our team is very proud of this because it means that we have achieved excellent results,” said Microsoft.

According to Redmond, the main dissatisfaction with the new MacBook Pro is due to the high price, lack of productivity and lack of connectors.

Tellingly, in early November, Vice-President of worldwide product marketing Apple Phil Schiller said about the record-high demand for the new MacBook Pro. According to him, the number of pre-orders for new items exceeded the pre-orders for all other models of MacBook Pro of the previous generation.

The question of how the Apple relates to the criticism of a novelty for the lack of standard connectors and high cost, a top Manager said: “I have not seen any great Apple product, which would not have received the portion of criticism – and it’s great. We do risky things, and, of course, with an eye on the future, on which we always orientirueshsya. Our clients are very enthusiastic users and this is excellent.”

Schiller called the MacBook Pro “the best laptop in the history”, but acknowledged that perhaps at the moment he is not suitable for every user.

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